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Why have homework?

Often in our busy lives homework is seen as just another thing that has to be done but it has a genuine benefit for parent and child.


-Regular homework promotes healthy study habits for high school It is important that primary school prepares children for high school and by children completing some homework each night this will assist them to be better prepared for high school routines.

-Homework helps improve reading (the basic building block for all schooling) The quantity a child reads has been directly linked to improvements in reading ability. Take home reading gives children the opportunity to practise their reading skills and, particularly in the younger grades, receive additional one-on-one support from an adult.  It is also a valuable opportunity for parents to assist their child with learning new words and making meaning from text.  Working at home on sight words helps children to develop a bank of known sight words that helps to accelerate their reading progress.

-Homework helps improve spelling ability (another essential building block for schooling) - Learning spelling words at home will assist with writing and recent research has indicated the importance of learning to spell early so as not to consolidate the incorrect spelling of words which can be hard to break.


-Homework helps to revise concepts being learnt at school At times children will be sent home occasional tasks that directly support what is being learnt in class.  Children will also be revising Spelling and Maths being learnt in class at that time.

-Homework strengthens the links between school and home - Parents can see how their child is progressing and give them some help on an important subject area.

What can I do to make homework hassle free?

Try some of the following ideas to help make homework easier at home.


-Have a consistent time that homework occurs each day.  Children respond well to routine and are more likely to do their homework if they know they have a consistent time and place to complete it.


-Ensure that the location where the homework is being done is free of distractions e.g. make sure the TV is turned off.


-Have a small reward when homework is completed e.g. watch 30 minutes TV or play a game with them.


-Be prepared to assist and monitor. Often when children get stuck they ponder rather than ask for help. By monitoring you can quickly help a child to move on and get through the homework.


-Make homework a positive experience by highlighting improvements rather than difficulties.


A Friendly Reminder

High school students who need assistance with their homework or assessments are welcome to attend study club on Thursday afternoons after school.