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What's Happening?

The annual suite of School Opinion Surveys will be conducted from 31 July to 25 August 2017. All families, school staff and a random sample of students will be invited to participate. We encourage you to take this opportunity to have your say about what this school does well, and how this school can improve.

The Parent/Caregiver Survey and access details will be sent home this week with the eldest child in your family. Please check their ports. You may complete the paper form or use the access details to complete the online survey. The access details are completely random and cannot be linked to you in any way.

If you choose to complete the paper survey, don't forget to return it to the school office.

For Parents/caregivers who have limited access to the internet you are welcome to complete your survey online here at school. If you wish to do this, please contact the school office to arrange a time.

If you have any questions please  call the school office on 49814333 between 8:30am and 3:00pm


Arts Performance

Springsure State School was lucky enough to have an Arts Council Performance held at the hall on Tuesday 25th July. Students in Years Prep to Six were amazed by the sounds produced from indigenous performer Adrian Tjupurrula, known as Tjupurru. A small variety and instruments were used including a 'face bass' and 'didjeribone.' The technology used in the face bass enabled even the slightest whisper and tremble to be not only projected, but amplified and recorded to play as a loop. Tjupurru enlightened us with snippets of songs such as Advance Australia Fair, Madagascar's Move It and Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson. He definitely brought a unique and creative way of playing and performing as a One Man Band. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all students and teachers.

Miss Gorman



Year Five

This term in English, Year Five have been studying poetry. We have analysed anthems, odes and lyric poems and together we wrote our own class anthem. Enjoy!his term in English, Year Five have been studying poetry. We have analysed anthems, odes and lyric poems and together we wrote our own class anthem. Enjoy!

Year Five Anthem

By Year Five, 2017


Twenty four students, successful each day.

Together we learn and play.

We all use our pencils and pens,

But more importantly we are friends.

Working as a team, Year Five twenty-seventeen.


People come and go to improve our lives.

Each year we advance our grades and strive.

Teachers and subjects are the same.

All have made our ‘Hall of Fame’.

Working as a team, Year Five twenty-seventeen.


Our class is sharing a positive mood.

We are showing an ‘attitude of gratitude’.

Leichhardt or Mitchell: rivals to the end!

We all try our best before the weekend.

Working as a team, Year Five twenty-seventeen.


‘Success by Effort’ is our motto.

The caring teachers make us follow.

Sports, music, culture and ag,

Together we proudly salute our flag.

Working as a team, Year Five twenty-seventeen.

Miss Richards



This term in the Prep room we are exploring how to collect, record and interpret data. Each morning we conduct a new survey, count the yes/no responses, make a column graph and make inferences from the data.  Last week we asked lots of questions about pets in the Prep room. We discovered that everyone in the Prep room has a dog but only two people have guinea pigs. Some families also had cats, horses and chooks. We used the data we had collected to make a graph on Monday. We made a big column graph on the floor and then made our own picture graphs at our desk. This week we learnt that not everyone in the Prep room likes chocolate. I wonder if everyone will like vegetables?



The Secondary Students have begun this semester by setting their individual goals for the upcoming term. They have read their Semester One report cards and have reflected on their efforts and academic progress. From this, students have selected one learning area where they will aim to improve or maintain their effort mark for that subject. This will be monitored and measured using the Behaviour Matrix. Please discuss your child's goal for this term with them and encourage them to strive for their best effort. We are excited about this new process and are looking forward to the students being rewarded for their hard work throughout the term.

On another note, we are assisting the Mountain Men with the gate admission on Saturday night. This is an opportunity to raise much needed funds for the 2018 Canberra/Ski Trip. We have a number of students who have generously volunteered their time and this is much appreciated. Please support our efforts by making your child available for this game.


Mr Burns